[15RTL Design and Simulation of a Fully-Connected Network using Verilog HDL

[14]  Implementation of a Real-time Light Traffic Recognition System with a Lightweight State Recognition and Ratio-preserving zero padding, 2023 (Link). 

[13]  Implementation of an Automated and Efficient System to Find a Specific Person on Nvidia Xavier with ROS, 2023.

[12] Prediction of Lymphatic Metastasis in Breast Cancer by Combining Causal Inference and Residual Networks, 2023.

[11]  Multiple Defect pattern Recognition in a Wafer Map using Vector-representation based Capsule Network, 2023.
        (selected as an excellent paper in the Journal of Korean Institute of Communication and Information Sciences)

[10]  Development of an AI algorithm to predict depth from electron microscope (SEM) images, Samsung AI Challenge (3D
          Metrology), DACON, 2022 (My students are in the top 20%)

[9]  Machine Learning based Wafer Defect Detection using Multi-Defect Recognition Loss, 2022.

[8] Development of Asynchronous Stream-sensing neural Network for Finding Victims in Disaster Area, 2021.

[7]  Implementation of "Privacy-Protection Drone Patrol System Based on Face Anonymization" on Nvidia  Xavier, 2020.

[6] Implementation of "Privacy-Preserving Robot Vision with Anonymized Faces by Extreme Low Resolution" on  Nvidia
      Xavier, a companion computer, 2019.

[5] Event-Driven MATLAB simulator for the coexistence of LAA-LTE and Asymmetric Hidden APs, 2018.

[4] USRP-MATLAB platform for Development of an LAA-LTE Transmitter with the lightweight Wi-Fi preamble detection,

[3] MATLAB simulator for the asymmetric hidden terminal problem between LAA-LTE and Wi-Fi, 2017.

[2] The Deep Neural Network for the lung nodule detection, 2016.

[1] NS-3 Simulator for a Channel Switching Scheme for Layered Video using Relay Transmission, 2014.